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07.05.2013 Reviews & stuff

Hello friends! Time flies and patients... get better! The winter was long but luckily we received some kind words from our friends at And Inferno (check issue 2/2013). And And Kaaoszine. And Lammaszine. Thanks!

Since we really haven't starved ourselves with excessive gigging we have been working on new material. Some working titles for our new masterpieces are "Epic 1", "Epic 2", "New Life", Bulldozer Man" and "Kasari". So... there's some serious epicness coming your way. James Bond themes and double guitar leads. Vivid melodies and thrash metal riffs. Epicness of epic proportions. "Epic"... Yeah, that's the word.

Remember kids, you read it here first.

And when will you get to hear all this? Well... we'll let you know when to start holding your breath. Not quite yet, though =)

Kari / CF

09.08.2012 This Way To the End

And it is here.

CDr in a luxurious digipak. Limited edition of 100 copies. Four new songs of dubious excellence, uncertain hit potential and debatable quality. A lite metal antivaganza for those about to repose. Pure 100% CF standard.

Ok, surely I did jest, I pulled your leg, I played a prank on you.

"This Way To the End" is great, groovy and in every sense better than anything, ever, anywhere... by us. That IS pure 100% CF standard. So...

Get. Yours. Now.

Only for 4 euros by:
...sending us a mail to comafaction [at] jossain [dot] com.
...our brand new Bandcamp-page.

For those not interested in earthly possessions digital dowload and/or streaming is available (for FREE) through Bandcamp!

Also, while you're at it, get our previous offering "How To Face Your Demons" for only 3 euros! This is great, this is insane, THIS IS CF!

Like it? Hate it? Love it? We are in Facebook so don't be a stranger, be a feedbacker!

Kari / CF

24.07.2012 This way to the cover of...

Nice, ain't it?

Physical manifestation as a pro-printed CDr with digipak covers AND streaming/download through our BandCamp-page...


Kari / CF

08.07.2012 Biannual yada yada... The long wait is over!

Greetings, fellow patients! It is here! It was promised a long time ago and finally the wait is over! It is marvelous, it is magnificent, it is....

"...A new CF recording?"

No, even better than that!

"...But you promised a new CF recording a long time ago?"

Yes, yes, yes we did, but this IS even better than that.


No, shut the f*#@ up and listen. It's the video for "Financial Sacrifice", por favor!

"...Oh CF, you're right, it was better than anything! Thank you, you wonderful hard rocking hunks! But are there any news on the new EP?"

Well, since you asked, the CD's are being pressed (or something) as we speak and it will be out very soon!

"...Thanks, CF, you're the best!"

No, thank YOU.

Kari / CF

05.02.2012 Biannual news and rehabilitation status update

Greetings, fellow patients. Yes, we are most alive and ready to get out off our beds, thanks for asking.

And yes, it is true.

Once again we, the Coma Ward Big Band, have been tormenting drums and guitars, basses and vocal chords, hard disks and microphones, and most importantly, the nerves and ears of poor mr. Matias Helle at the soon-to-be-legendary Drop Hammer Studios.

And you know what that means.

(This is for the slower ones among our friends.)


The recordings (which took longer than expected, I might add) are now done and mixing process has begun. What we have is four new looney tunes of questionable brilliance, powered by poor judgement and false sense of omnipotence. This ought to be great, I tell you!

Also, all reviews for "How To Face Your Demons" can now be found at the DISCocrappy.

Take care, you will be hearing from us sooner than you would (could? should?) expect in your worst nightmares.

Kari / CF

14.05.2011 News, both great and grave

What the hell is going on out there? We lay low for a few months and what do we have? Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear disasters, assasinations, and the most dramatic parliament election in Finland since who knows when.

First the great...

People, countrymen, comrades... if these are the last days we, the Coma Faction, have the soundtrack for the apocalypse. To further the depleting of our precious natural resources we have wasted even more energy, plastic, cardboard and ink and pressed our ode to mirrorstaring in physical CD format, for your pleasure as always. So all this is actually your fault, you know?.

And do we have evidence of this outrageous act, you ask? Yes we do.

So, if you wish the get your hands on this gem feel free to CONTact us.

We are also working on a video for the song "Financial Sacrifice" and the first frames have been shot in the beautiful city of New York. Thanks to all new yorkers and sorry for any problems we might have caused... you know, cutting the traffic on the Wall Street during the rush hours etc... Sorry about that.

And do we have evidence of this outrageous act, you ask? Yes we do.

...then the grave

That concludes the "great" part of our newsflash. On to the "grave" ones. Simo has decided to quit CF due to lack of time and interest. Yeah, that kinda shucks. But, rest assured that there is absolutely no bad blood here.

Simo announced his departure just before we hit the studio to record "How to Face Your Demons". Still, things went well and we were a trio approximately for... a week?

Tuukka Turunen, who embellished "Doombird" and "Financial Sacrifice" with his guitar wizardry saved the day and stepped in. No, playing in the studio was in no way any kind of test or audition rather than an extremely cool opportunity to introduce us to each other. We had fun in the studio and we've had fun in every rehearsal since.

We're not going to feed you the usual "stronger than ever" mumbo-jumbo. Instead we'll state you this: this is not the first lineup change we've gone through. It's a major one but that's the way things go. Some things change and some don't. We've rehearsed with Tuukka and we've written some new material. Gigs will follow. New recordings will be done.

And if the grand course of things won't take an unseen turn we'll be introducing new drummist and basser in less than two years to complete the lineup cycle. Says so in the official Coma Faction corporate strategy AND WE DO HAVE CERTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS YOU KNOW!?!.

(That was a joke so I'll add a smiley here.



We wish all the best for Simo. Coma Faction wouldn't be here without him and his determination and vision. We'll do our best not to spoil everything. Cheers, bro!

That being said we heartily welcome Tuukka to our band of comatose brothers. You bring us to life once more. Cheers x2!

What else? Lyrics for both of our releases have been added to DISCocrappy-page. Go and see if you can find some meaning to your life in there. Now, nuff said?


Kari / CF

10.02.2011 How to listen to your demons

"How To Face Your Demons" is now also available in our MySpace,, Mikseri and Maihinnousu pages. Remember, a demon a day will keep your eyes open through the night and your pharmacist happy.

Also, on behalf of CF I would like to express our gratitude and boundless respect for the late Peten Panimo. Rust in peace.

Kari / CF

24.01.2011 New EP

Bunch of stuff has happened since the last actual updates. Well, actually just one wee little thing.

We have finally recorded the follow up to "Built a Monster". The new EP is titled "How To Face Your Demons" and... is here. Now. Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow. Now. Five new songs, the first ones with the new line up. A future classic (at least among our humble discocrappy, ha).

Recorded yet again with the one and Only M. Helle at Drop Hammer Studios and mastered by the legendary J. Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering. Two songs also feature solos/leads/shreds by the mighty Tuukka Turunen of Hatetrend, awesome!

So, go get it now. (And please do leave a comment through our guestbook or the brand new Facebook-page!)

Oh yeah, we also have a new rehearsal place so some live action just might be happening in the (hopefully not too distant) future. Keep your fingers crossed and wallets ready.

Kari / CF

24.01.2011 New site opened!

Hello world.

Kari / CF

20.7.2010 "Built a Monster" download

At last, the entire Built a Monster EP is available for your downloading pleasure, right here & right now, in glorious 320kbit MP3's. Also available zipped deluxe hardcore mega package which includes printable covers AND an extended version of "Cardiac Angel". DL it and/or be a triangle. (Check the DISC-ography section for the links.)

Kari / CF

17.7.2010 Site updated, new singer

Major site update, now there is more than one page here :-D.

Built a Monster EP has been reviewed by three finnish sites. Go to Disc-page to find the links...

Jani Haapio from Showelwork is our new lead singer. Jani has very different singing style than our previous singers, but inside the band everyone is sure that Jani is the best guy to front Coma Faction. We have already booked a studio and new material will be recorded in November 2010. We still need to practice a lot because of Simo's break we've been able to rehearse as a band only a few times. Don't worry, new material will seriously kick your asses/ashes!

Simo / CF

4.3.2010 "Robert Johnson" video

We have made our second music video for the song "Robert Johnson". This video will be the last performance by Mikko Huu as a singer of Coma Faction. We thank Mikko for grear year including our debut Ep and some great shows. Now it's time to move on.

We will announce our new singer soon. Gigs will be played as soon as possible. Simo is taking a break from the band because of new born daughter and other guys are training hard with new singer. So it may take a while to get back on the stage.

Simo / CF

21.11.2009 "Built a Monster" EP + video

Listen to Built a Monster EP from our myspace!

Also, video for the song "Built a Monster" has been added to The Voice TV's Carage Countdown! Vote us!!

Simo / CF

06.10.2009 New EP recorded

We have successfully recorded our debut EP "Built a Monster", the EP also includes our first music video. Matias Helle from Drop Hammer Studios is working hard with mixing the tracks. After that mastering will be done by Jaakko Viitalähde @ Virtalähde Analog Audio. Stay tuned for some awesome shit. One gig confirmed, it's possible that it will be EP releasing gig.

Simo / CF