Coma Faction 2009 - 2011

Coma Faction is a alternative / punk / metal band based in Helsinki, Finland. Risen in 2009 from the scattered ashes of punk 'n metal quartet Diaz jr., Coma Faction's aim was to refine the hard edged "drunken bastard" approach of Diaz jr. into something more sophisticated, melodic and versatile.

But with their first vocalist Mikko Huu the remaining diASSes Simo Muhonen (guitar & music), Mikko Kymäläinen (drums & graphics) and Kari Hietanen (bass & lyrics) lunged into a whirlpool of rock & roll like there was no tomorrow. The result, their debut EP "Built a Monster" (2009) was harder, edgier and most definately "drunken bastarder" than anything they accomplished before while bringing never seen versatility, crooked structures, oppressive moods and even beauty into the mixture.

If Diaz jr. was sometimes accused of being unoriginal and even boring, Coma Faction surely is something different.

With music as twisted as the backbones of Finnish politicians, adorned with soothing saxophonic soundscapes (played by mr. Juha Järvinen) and armed with vokills that reached for the borders of insanity, "Built a Monster" was received quite well by the reviewers.

Still, everything must come to an end, and so did Mikko Huu's time with CF. Soon after recording "Built a Monster" mood inside the band was wrecked and the inevitable sad solution was to look for a new singer. And in few months one was found... from Facebook... Old friend Jani Haapio from Shovelwork woke up to reality, grabbed his gear and started shouting for the cause.

And then there was much rejoicing, rehearsing, composing, arranging. Not a single gig though. Eventually studio was booked for november 2010.

Then, the bomb.

Simo, the primus motor and tyrant overlord of CF announced his departure.

(To be continued.)

Still and yet again, the coma patients are on the crawl!

Jani Haapio /// vocals & guitar

All-around niceguy and optimist. Shouts loud and feels soft. Is usually right but normally left. Joined the band to see the world.

Tuukka Turunen /// guitars

The Shredmaster. The One with the Leads of Lead. The Breaker of Strings. The Keeper of Picks.

Mikko Kymäläinen /// drums

Once kissed a girl to see if he likes it. Guess he did, not so sure about her though.

Kari Hietanen /// bass

He plays the bass. Joined Diaz jr. in 2007 because the stars were right. Joined Coma Faction because the moon was full. Only happy when it rains and only comes out at night.

Past members

Simo Muhonen /// guitar & vocals

Mikko Huusko /// vocals