This Way To the End

How To Face Your Demons


Financial Sacrifice (2012)

  • Directed by Jani Haapio
  • Filmed by Jani Haapio

Robert Johnson (2010)

  • Directed by Simo Muhonen
  • Produced by Johnny Stonehenge & Mike Extremehead
  • Filmed by Ozzy Sword

Built a Monster (2009)

  • Directed by Simo Muhonen
  • Photos by Jerzi


This Way To the End (2012)

1. Pride of Troy (listen)
2. Engines of Ruin (listen)
3. Over the Edge and Out of This World (listen)
4. Barrows (listen)

How To Face Your Demons (2011)

1. A Line of Scars (mp3)
2. Last Mistake (mp3)
3. Doombird (mp3)
4. Financial Sacrifice (mp3)
5. Hearts, Hopes and Silver Threads (mp3)


Download "How to Face Your Demons" EP (zipped, 52.5MB)

Built a Monster (2009)

1. Built a Monster (mp3)
2. Next Season (mp3)
3. Robert Johnson (mp3)
4. Cardiac Angel (mp3 / extended)


Download "Built a Monster" EP (zipped, 57.3MB)